How To Become Smarter Than You Already Are

Renowned figures like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, and Isaac Newton are forever linked to intelligence. Those seeking ways to enhance their own intellect often turn to their stories for inspiration. Their intellectual prowess had a profound impact on society.

While some individuals seem to be born with a natural gift for grasping knowledge, the same may not apply to the rest of us.

However, there’s no need for dismay, as scientific research has illuminated the potential for the brain to increase its intelligence through specific activities.

By engaging in activities that stimulate cognitive functions and skills, you can actively boost your intelligence. This article aims to provide you with valuable insights into becoming smarter and maintaining that state. So, get ready for an insightful read that could enhance your cognitive abilities.

15 Tested Ways To Become Smarter

While some individuals possess natural intelligence, it’s important to recognize that intelligence is cultivated through effort and dedication. To truly be smart, you must commit to continuous learning and expanding your cognitive horizons.

A key factor in understanding your own intelligence is acknowledging your strengths. Nobody can excel in every facet of life, but excellence in specific domains can set you apart.

When you observe colleagues who approach challenges with remarkable intelligence, refrain from feeling inferior. Enhancing your own intelligence is within reach.

Contrary to the notion of infusing your brain with scientific complexities, there are tried-and-true methods integrated into your daily routine that you may have overlooked.

In this article, I will unveil fifteen proven strategies for boosting your intelligence, all of which are practical and accessible aspects of everyday life that you might not have paid sufficient attention to. Get ready to unlock your cognitive potential with these effective methods.

1.  Invest Your Time In Reading

The saying goes that avid readers continually broaden their knowledge, evolving into experts in their chosen domains. Scientific research has substantiated that reading contributes to the enhancement of cognitive abilities.

From an early age, schooling introduces the fundamental skill of reading. This skill not only enriches your vocabulary but also fosters the development of intellectual faculties.

Ever ponder why individuals of high intelligence appear to possess answers for nearly any query? Their secret weapon is reading. Their appetite for absorbing books, articles, journals, and various written materials is a simple yet effective practice.

Post-college, I stopped reading, assuming that my degree rendered it unnecessary. However, upon entering the workforce, I noticed a decline in my capacity to reason. Creative thinking for my team proved elusive, and the knowledge acquired in school began to fade.

Rediscovering the habit of reading, both within and beyond my field, triggered a rapid transformation. My intelligence surged, and innovative thinking became second nature.

The impact of reading goes beyond intelligence; it contributes to personal growth and empathy. It empowers you to better comprehend others, curbs age-related cognitive issues, mitigates memory decline, and serves as a deterrent against mental health challenges. So, dive into the world of literature to not only elevate your intellect but also enrich your life.

2.  Talk To Smart And Experienced People

The individuals you choose to surround yourself with have a profound impact on your own personality? The people around us exert a significant influence. If your goal is to enhance your intelligence, then cultivating relationships with knowledgeable and experienced individuals is key.

Forge connections with those who inspire you positively; their insights and perspectives on various subjects can contribute to the sharpening of your cognitive abilities.

It’s imperative to invest your time wisely, avoiding associations that do not contribute value to your life. Instead, nurture relationships with intellectually stimulating individuals, as you stand to gain invaluable insights and knowledge from them.

3.  Aspire To Learn Continuously

The pursuit of knowledge should only cease when life itself does. If you’re seeking to discover how to enhance your intelligence, adopting a lifelong learner mentality is paramount. Now, this doesn’t imply being confined to formal education indefinitely, but rather acknowledging that learning extends beyond earning a degree.

Engaging in continual learning not only sustains cognitive function but also enhances it. Take, for instance, Elon Musk, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, who didn’t halt his education after college.

Initially focused on coding and computers, Musk continued his journey of acquiring knowledge, ultimately establishing himself as a prominent figure in entrepreneurship. This path led him to innovate electric cars and launch rockets into space, showcasing the tangible benefits of lifelong learning.

Numerous avenues facilitate ongoing education; exploring diverse fields through reading, immersing in podcasts, participating in workshops and seminars, or even mastering a new language can perpetuate your learning journey.

4.  Work Towards Doing Something New Everyday

Engaging in novel activities on a daily basis exposes you to diverse perspectives and opens up opportunities for specialization along the way.

For instance, individuals with innate intelligence often gravitate towards experimenting, innovating, and problem-solving.

By immersing yourself in various experiences, you’re more likely to uncover innovative ways of thinking. The acquisition of new skills instills confidence, fostering the belief that you’re capable of tackling any challenge.

Embracing novelty also triggers mental stimulation, enhancing your ability to think swiftly and creatively. The act of trying something new daily not only encourages a fresh outlook but also empowers your cognitive faculties, promoting agile thinking.

5.  Learn A New Language

The journey of learning a new language engages all corners of your brain’s memory, leading to an enhancement in overall cognitive function.

Moreover, scientific studies have substantiated that being bilingual or multilingual contributes to heightened intelligence.

Consider the process: as you delve into a new language, you navigate through vocabulary acquisition, reference to dictionaries, and the intricacies of grammar.

These mental activities provide your brain with additional layers of information, thereby bolstering its efficiency. Consequently, your memory capacity flourishes, attention span improves, and your adaptability to novel situations becomes more fluid.

6.  Play Games That Improve Your Logical Thinking

Certain games, such as classic board games like chess, scrabble, and monopoly, wield the power to enhance logical reasoning and learning capabilities.

Engaging with these games goes beyond mere entertainment; they serve as conduits for real-life lessons, fostering fresh perspectives and nurturing confident decision-making.

I recall a personal instance in high school where my friend was selected by a teacher to learn and play chess. Throughout a single semester, the impact was remarkable – not only did his academic performance witness positive shifts, but his decision-making prowess also experienced an evident boost.

The game of chess, in particular, became a catalyst for improved logical thinking and the absorption of new information, highlighting the potent synergy between strategic gameplay and cognitive growth.

7.  Exercise Your Body As Well As Your Mind

In regular exercise holds the key to elevating one’s intelligence, enhancing vital aspects like concentration, memory retention, and overall productivity.

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Through physical activity, the brain’s cognitive faculties are not only sustained but also fortified. Essential functions like organization and attention allocation thrive, contributing to the optimization of brain structure and operation.

By adhering to a consistent workout routine, the symbiotic relationship between mental acuity and physical vitality is nurtured, granting the brain the resilience and prowess required for optimal performance.

8.  Explain What You Know To Others

The learning process can be achieved through the act of teaching others the knowledge you’ve acquired. When attempting to grasp the depth of your comprehension on a subject, attempt explaining its intricacies to someone else.

This practice not only facilitates the solidification of your understanding but also enhances your intellectual capacity. This approach draws parallels to the phenomenon that first-born children tend to exhibit higher intelligence, often attributed to their role in articulating life lessons they’ve personally imbibed to their younger siblings.

9.  Challenge Yourself Every Day

The brain with challenges is akin to invigorating its vitality. Crafting a roster of tasks to test your limits can breathe life into your cognitive faculties.

For instance, embarking on the challenge of acquiring a new language, mastering a musical instrument, or delving into the realm of coding can all spark intellectual growth. Similarly, embracing the task of adopting a healthier dietary regimen devoid of junk food, conceiving novel inventions, or unraveling prevailing predicaments also beckons cognitive engagement.

Through these challenges, you harness your cognitive aptitude, elevating logical thinking and bolstering the functionality of your brain.

10.  Stay Social To Enhance Your Mental Fitness

You might find yourself pondering the connection between social interaction and intelligence. Allow me to elucidate: the wealth of knowledge you possess can expand substantially through meaningful interactions with others.

The frequency of your social engagements correlates with the potential for intellectual enhancement. Optimal interaction partners are those who radiate innovation and possess insightful viewpoints, enriching your understanding.

Furthermore, attentive listening during these exchanges serves as a catalyst for memory improvement. Your brain diligently absorbs novel information, thereby contributing to your cognitive growth.

11.  Utilize Your Time Wisely

The prevalent habit of excessive social media scrolling is a noteworthy modern distraction. Regrettably, this practice fails to contribute meaningfully to your daily endeavors.

Engaging in endless online gossip can divert your focus from activities that offer genuine mental enrichment. Rather than succumbing to this digital vortex, consider allocating your time to pursuits that nourish your intellect.

Immerse yourself in content that imparts previously unknown information and insights. Opt to follow accounts that stimulate your cognitive faculties and actively engage with individuals renowned for their intelligence and expertise. This shift in approach promises a more rewarding and mentally invigorating online experience.

12.  Travel As Often As You Can

Traveling acts as a gateway to novel experiences and insights. Exploring new cities or countries offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures, traditions, knowledge, and belief systems. This exposure cultivates continuous learning, enriching your existing reservoir of wisdom.

Personally, I prioritize travel whenever possible, as it consistently introduces me to fresh horizons. In each new destination, I engage with local residents who generously share their expertise, histories, and cultural heritage. This exchange of information stimulates my mind and enhances my memory, subsequently bolstering my capacity for innovative thinking.

The act of traveling broadens your horizons, facilitating the assimilation of varied perspectives. This expansion of knowledge positively impacts your cognitive performance, contributing to an overall sharpening of your mental faculties.

13.  Write Your Notes By Hand

conclusively demonstrated that individuals who opt for handwritten notes exhibit improved information retention and enhanced comprehension of new concepts. While the process of physically writing may demand more time, the advantages it offers in terms of assimilation and digestion of information are invaluable.

Students who choose to transcribe their notes by hand demonstrate a heightened ability to swiftly grasp and internalize the subject matter, in contrast to those who opt for typing. The act of typing often entails a mere replication of auditory input without engaging cognitive processing, thereby limiting the depth of understanding.

However, the act of handwriting compels individuals to actively engage with the teacher’s words, facilitating a more profound understanding and rapid synthesis of information. This hands-on approach fosters enhanced learning outcomes and enduring cognitive benefits.

14.  Eat Nutrient-rich Food

Boosting your intelligence can be achieved by incorporating brain-enhancing nutrients into your diet. Prioritizing foods rich in essential elements such as flavonoids, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vital fatty acids is key.

These nutrient-packed components offer invaluable neuroprotective advantages, promoting the preservation of brain health. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in elevating executive functioning, enhancing cognitive capabilities, and refining working memory. By embracing a diet abundant in these brain-boosting nutrients, you can pave the way for heightened mental acuity and overall cognitive enhancement.

15.  Play Action-oriented Video Games

Scientific studies have definitively indicated that individuals who engage in moderate video game play exhibit improvements in logical thinking and enhanced focus.

This phenomenon stems from the multisensory engagement required during gaming sessions, demanding rapid predictions even with scant evidence at hand.

In the context of action-oriented video games, the imperative to succeed in a given level necessitates strategic thinking for prolonged survival within the game environment.

As players navigate challenges and strategize, their cognitive skills are naturally engaged, leading to heightened logical acumen and intellectual agility. In essence, video games can serve as a platform to sharpen cognitive faculties and cultivate greater intelligence.

How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster

Just as you prioritize regular gym workouts for maintaining a healthy body, dedicating time to brain exercises is equally crucial for enhancing your cognitive abilities. Much like hiking for endurance, your brain also benefits from targeted training to boost intelligence.

While physical fitness is essential, nurturing mental acumen should not be overlooked. If you’re striving to elevate your intelligence, it’s imperative to employ strategies that facilitate the enhancement of your brain’s capabilities.

By cultivating a smarter and swifter mind, you unlock the potential to accomplish remarkable feats. This article will guide you through effective methods to elevate your brain’s intelligence and processing speed, ensuring you’re equipped to excel. Stay engaged to discover how you can empower your cognitive prowess for greater achievements.

1.  Do Something Different Repeatedly

Every time you acquire new knowledge or skills, your brain forges intricate neural pathways to facilitate successful execution. This process is reminiscent of how children initially grapple with complex mathematical problems, investing considerable time to conquer equations.

While some may require years of diligent practice, a select few master intricate math within weeks, effortlessly solving sophisticated equations. I now possess the confidence to tackle any mathematical challenge, a testament to the journey of cultivation and proficiency.

As evidenced, mastery is not an instantaneous achievement; it’s the result of consistent effort. By relentlessly practicing a task, you pave the way for mastery. Imagine transforming yourself from a procrastinator to someone who initiates tasks promptly, without the constraints of timing.

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As you reprogram your brain with this proactive approach, your cognitive functions receive the message and adapt, leading to improved cognition. Embracing unfamiliar tasks, those beyond your customary routine, fosters an environment where your brain’s intelligence flourishes. This article delves into effective strategies to promote such brain enhancement, aiding you in your journey toward heightened intelligence.

2.  Learn Something New

The brain thrives on engagement; the more it’s exercised, the sharper it becomes. For instance, acquiring proficiency in a musical instrument hones the ability to translate musical notes into harmonious melodies.

Engaging in novel pursuits bolsters logical thinking, issuing a challenge for the brain to absorb fresh knowledge. Discovering your unique learning style, whether characterized by rapid or gradual absorption, is pivotal.

Once this identification occurs, your brain effectively tailors its approach to learning, swiftly adapting to new information. This article delves into the mechanisms by which enhancing your brain’s functionality through diverse activities can amplify your cognitive prowess.

3.  Eat Right And Include Dark Chocolate

Consuming a diet rich in fish, fruits, and vegetables provides long-term benefits for brain function. However, an interesting addition to this list is dark chocolate, which has the potential to enhance cognitive abilities.

Dark chocolate consumption triggers the production of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with improved cognitive function and enhanced memory. So, when faced with challenges that require mental acuity, consider indulging in a serving of dark chocolate to support your cognitive capabilities.

4.  Spend 15-20 Minutes Every Day Thinking

Intellectuals are often revered for the ingenious concepts that originate from their contemplation. However, it’s important to differentiate between constructive intellectual pondering and the detrimental practice of overthinking.

Dedicate a manageable 15-20 minutes each day to engage in purposeful reflection on novel pursuits or challenging topics. You might be pleasantly surprised by the emergence of innovative ideas.

By engaging your brain in this manner, you unlock its potential and facilitate personal growth. It’s crucial, though, to strike a balance and avoid overtaxing your mental faculties, as excessive strain could lead to physical discomfort or headaches.

5.  Write With Your Hand Regularly

In today’s digital era, the prevalence of keyboards and touchscreens is undeniable. Even students rely on personal computers to access educational materials from their instructors. This reliance on technology is driven by its efficiency and time-saving attributes.

However, there’s a distinct cognitive benefit to handwritten communication. When you write by hand, your brain becomes more engaged in the process, focusing on the act of putting words on paper. This heightened involvement prompts a deeper understanding of the content being written.

It’s no wonder that individuals are advised to jot down their plans and aspirations on physical paper. This practice compels the brain to be attuned to the information, spurring creative thinking about ways to attain those goals.

How To Become Super Intelligent

The allure of intelligence is universal; it’s a trait that garners admiration due to its perceived value. Consequently, a widespread desire exists to attain heightened intelligence, often labeled as “super intelligence.”

In our society, those who possess intellectual prowess are rightfully celebrated. This acknowledgment is rooted in the understanding that our ability to thrive hinges on well-informed decisions.

Remarkable inventions and advancements are direct outcomes of the thoughtful choices made by intelligent individuals. Throughout history, intelligence has consistently propelled problem-solving, wealth generation, and the streamlining of tasks.

While natural intelligence exists, it’s equally plausible to enhance one’s cognitive capacities through deliberate activities. Rather than relying solely on innate ability, specific strategies can be adopted to foster a remarkable level of intelligence. Below, we’ll delve into these transformative tips that hold the potential to elevate your cognitive capabilities to exceptional heights.

1.  Focus On Building A Deeper Understanding

True intelligence is marked by the ability to grasp concepts with depth and clarity. When faced with learning new information or tackling challenges, prioritize a thorough understanding of the situation.

By cultivating this habit, you’ll navigate toward your goals with greater ease and effectiveness. Embrace the practice of delving into the intricacies of any subject or problem, and witness how this approach enhances your aptitude and enables you to showcase intelligence across various contexts.

2.  Reading Should Be Your Hobby

While some individuals may find reading a page of a book monotonous, adopting this perspective will not aid your journey to super intelligence.

To ascend the ladder of heightened intellect, embrace the practice of continuous knowledge update through reading. Engage with a variety of materials such as books, journals, and articles. By immersing yourself in regular reading, your IQ will experience a noticeable surge as you accumulate a wealth of information.

Remember, the act of reading need not be confined to physical pages; virtual texts can also contribute to your intellectual growth. Develop an insatiable appetite for reading, and you’ll position yourself among the ranks of the most knowledgeable individuals who understand that reading is the gateway to profound intelligence.

3.  Download IQ improvement app(s) On Your Phone

In today’s digital age, the realm of intelligence has expanded to encompass IQ apps that hold the potential to elevate your intellect to extraordinary heights. These intelligently designed applications present users with a medley of intricate and logical questions, serving as a continuous assessment of your cognitive prowess.

By incorporating these apps into your routine, you can consistently challenge your intellectual boundaries and update your reservoir of knowledge. The unique advantage of these apps lies in their ability to expose you to subjects and inquiries previously unexplored, consequently expanding the scope of your understanding and insight. Embrace these IQ apps as an integral tool on your journey toward achieving a level of intelligence that transcends convention.

4.  Keep Yourself Informed

Individual who radiates intelligence is often recognized as possessing a breadth of knowledge across various domains. To embark on the path of superlative intelligence, it becomes imperative to cultivate a state of well-rounded awareness.

One effective avenue involves nurturing an informed perspective on global events. Given the incessant occurrences that shape our world daily, immersing oneself in staying updated is paramount. By delving into these happenings, you not only equip yourself with insights but also foster the ability to formulate educated viewpoints on emerging issues.

A reservoir of information is akin to wielding influence. Your mind becomes a repository of diverse knowledge, and this practice in turn contributes to the vitality of your cognitive faculties. Therefore, embrace the habit of staying informed as a means to fortify your intellectual vigor while traversing the realms of unbounded intelligence.

5.  Review Learned Information

Once you’ve absorbed new information, it’s crucial to embrace the practice of regular review. This simple yet powerful technique significantly enhances your memory’s efficiency, ultimately leading to the cultivation of a robust memory faculty.

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Resist the urge to swiftly stash away newly acquired knowledge. Instead, dedicate time to revisit and revisit it. This consistent revisitation serves as a mnemonic aid, firmly embedding the information within your mental framework.

The process of reviewing extends beyond mere retention; it catalyzes a deeper understanding. Delving into the learned material for clarification sparks a sense of curiosity and encourages further research.

This continuous cycle of absorption, review, and exploration metamorphoses information into an intimate acquaintance, transforming it into a knowledgeable ally within your intellectual arsenal. Remember, a well-nurtured mind is one poised for formidable intelligence.

How To Become Smarter In School

During my college years, I stumbled upon an online article focused on enhancing academic intelligence. This invaluable resource profoundly impacted my educational journey, propelling me towards higher levels of success.

Enthusiastically embracing the strategies outlined within, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in my scholastic achievements. The beauty of these insights lies in their simplicity; implementing them is a straightforward endeavor that can yield profound results in your academic pursuits.

Today, I’m thrilled to share these invaluable tips that helped me become a smarter student. If you’re a student yearning to elevate your intellectual prowess within the educational realm, these guidelines are poised to be a game-changer for you.

1.  Ruminate On What You Have Been Taught In Class

Modern-day students often overlook the crucial practice of reflecting on their classroom lessons, and this oversight can have significant consequences for their academic performance.

A prevalent misconception is that reviewing class materials is only necessary when exams approach. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to rushed preparation and subpar outcomes.

In contrast, adopting a strategy of continuous understanding sets successful students apart. Rather than confining learning to the confines of exam preparation, they engage with the material regularly. This involves revisiting the topics covered in class upon returning home, delving into the content with the goal of comprehension.

Identifying areas of confusion is a crucial step. Once these stumbling blocks are identified, seeking clarification becomes essential. Whether through teacher interaction or digital resources, students have the tools to enhance their understanding in this information-rich era.

Through consistent effort, familiarity with the subject matter deepens. The transformation isn’t magical; it’s the product of dedicated work and a shift in approach. As this practice becomes a habit, watch as academic excellence becomes an attainable reality.

2.  Engage In Educative Discussion

Active engagement in educational discussions is a proven method for students to enhance their learning experience. Scientific studies have demonstrated that the brain efficiently stores information garnered through conversation.

Engaging in meaningful discussions with peers and educators can significantly improve the retention of knowledge. This interactive approach to learning facilitates better memory recall. By participating in discussions, students are actively cultivating their expertise in the subject matter, consequently amplifying their cognitive aptitude.

By partaking in such collaborative learning experiences, students unlock the potential for accelerated academic growth. Through these conversations, information is internalized more effectively, contributing to a well-rounded and profound understanding of the topic. This, in turn, bolsters the development of cognitive capabilities.

3.  Study Difficult Topics When Reading

Intelligence requires confronting complex subjects head-on rather than avoiding them. The brain thrives on challenges, which are essential for enhancing its capacities.

Embracing intricate topics during your reading endeavors is crucial. Regular exposure to challenging subjects leads to a more profound comprehension of them. Even if complete understanding doesn’t occur immediately, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from your teacher to bridge any gaps.

By engaging with demanding subjects persistently, you not only expand your knowledge but also stimulate cognitive growth. This proactive approach to learning not only enriches your educational experience but also fosters the development of intellectual capabilities.

4.  Read Other Materials That Support Your Learning In Class

You might have once considered academic books to be uninspiring. However, adopting a new perspective is essential for cultivating intelligence in an academic setting. Instead of shying away from reading, wholeheartedly embracing it and maintaining a lifelong student mentality can yield remarkable results.

During my college years, a transformative experience occurred through a reading group led by a dedicated teacher. The purpose of this group was profound: to share insights on classroom material, collaboratively delve into course materials, and engrain reading as an enjoyable pastime.

While some individuals regarded the reading group as mundane, my group recognized its potential and dedicatedly participated. Our commitment to shared learning knew no bounds; we devoted countless hours to reading together, enhancing our understanding of the subject matter, and extending assistance to those grappling with challenges.

Our united efforts bore fruit as the semester concluded. We distinguished ourselves by achieving remarkable results in the course. The catalyst for this accomplishment was undoubtedly our extensive reading endeavors. Beyond the prescribed texts, we engaged with diverse materials closely aligned with our curriculum, thus solidifying our mastery of the subject matter.

This account underscores the profound impact of embracing reading as not only an educational tool but a lifelong pursuit. The transformation brought about by fervent reading participation serves as a testament to the extraordinary potential hidden within the pages of books and the collective strength of a dedicated learning community.

5.  Make Up Your Mind To Be Determined And Consistent In Studying

The pursuit of academic excellence, determination and consistency emerge as indispensable allies. These two attributes hold the key to unlocking the potential outlined in the previously mentioned strategies for enhanced intelligence within an educational environment.

Without unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to consistency, the efficacy of other recommended tactics falters. It is within the realm of determination and consistency that the foundation for elevated reading and learning capabilities is forged.

Therefore, aspiring to cultivate intelligence within the school setting necessitates a resolute resolve and an unyielding dedication to the journey. This ardent determination and consistent effort lay the groundwork for achieving scholastic brilliance.

Furthermore, maintaining a laser-focused vision on the ultimate goal remains paramount. By upholding determination, consistency, and focus in unison, the path to intellectual growth in the school context becomes illuminated, yielding a profound transformation in one’s educational journey.


Don’t allow any barriers to obstruct your path toward intelligence. Disregard the notion of innate giftedness; there exist well-defined activities that pave the way for you to amplify your intellectual prowess.

Much like the illustrious figures who have left an indelible mark on history, you too have the potential to ascend to greatness by adhering to the principles elucidated for achieving heightened intelligence.

Throughout the annals of time, it’s the brilliant minds that have sculpted the narrative of our world’s evolution, a legacy that continues to be woven. The decision to etch your name into the annals of history, through your contributions to society facilitated by astute decision-making, rests squarely in your hands.