How To Become Smarter Than You Already Are

Renowned figures like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, and Isaac Newton are indelibly linked with their exceptional intellect. Aspiring individuals seeking to enhance their cognitive abilities often turn to their inspirational narratives. These luminaries wielded their intelligence to reshape society profoundly.

Certain individuals seem naturally predisposed to intellectual prowess, effortlessly acquiring knowledge. Yet, for most of us, this talent isn’t inherent.

However, there’s no need for despondency, as scientific research has unveiled the brain’s remarkable potential for heightened intelligence through targeted activities.

Empowering your brain to engage its functions and cognitive capacities holds the key to boosting your intelligence. This article is poised to equip you with actionable insights on how to amplify your intellect and sustain the growth. Stay engaged as you embark on this enlightening journey.

15 Tested Ways To Become Smarter

While some individuals possess natural intelligence, cultivating intelligence demands dedicated effort. To be deemed intelligent, continuous knowledge updating and expansive thinking are indispensable.

The key to recognizing your intelligence lies in self-awareness and acceptance. While mastery in all domains is unattainable, brilliance in specific areas can set you apart.

Observing colleagues’ astute approaches might evoke wonder, but harboring feelings of inadequacy should be avoided. Enhancing intelligence is entirely feasible.

Enhancing intelligence doesn’t entail subjecting your brain to scientific marvels; rather, it encompasses well-established, often overlooked, daily practices.

Within this article, I’ll unveil fifteen tried-and-true methods for augmenting your intelligence. Join me as we explore these strategies that could significantly enrich your cognitive prowess.

1.  Invest Your Time In Reading

The saying about avid readers holds true: their knowledge expands continuously, elevating them to mastery within their chosen domains. Scientific research underscores that reading profoundly enhances cognitive abilities.

From the early years of schooling, the skill of reading is imparted, serving as a cornerstone. The rationale behind this lies in the enrichment of vocabulary and intellectual development it fosters.

One may ponder the wellspring of knowledge possessed by intelligent individuals, seemingly adept in all subjects. The answer is simple: reading. Their voracious consumption of books, articles, journals, and written materials fuels their prowess effortlessly.

Post-college, I discontinued reading under the assumption that my credentials rendered it unnecessary. However, upon entering the workforce, a decline in my cognitive acumen became evident. Generating innovative ideas for my team became a challenge, and my educational memories waned.

Embracing diverse readings, both related and unrelated to my field, was transformative. My intellect flourished, and my ability to think beyond conventional bounds burgeoned swiftly.

Indeed, reading not only bolsters intelligence but also engenders personal growth. Enhanced comprehension of human nature becomes achievable, while cognitive decline related to aging and the onset of mental disorders can be mitigated through this practice.

2.  Talk To Smart And Experienced People

It’s intriguing how the individuals we associate with wield an impact on our personalities. The influence of others is undeniable; the company we keep shapes us. If a heightened intellect is your aspiration, surrounding yourself with intelligent and seasoned individuals is pivotal.

Cultivating connections with those who exude positive inspiration is paramount. Engaging in conversations with such individuals not only unveils fresh perspectives but also hones your cognitive faculties.

It’s prudent to reevaluate where you invest your time. Aligning with those who contribute little to your growth is unwise. Opt, instead, for associations with individuals of intellect, as they provide fertile ground for learning and development.

3.  Aspire To Learn Continuously

The pursuit of knowledge is only warranted when life ceases itself. To unlock the path to heightened intelligence, adopting a lifelong learner’s stance is imperative. This doesn’t entail perpetual schooling; rather, it underscores that education transcends degree attainment.

Sustained learning perpetuates brain vitality and amplifies cognitive capacities. Elon Musk, a global magnate, serves as a prime exemplar. Post-college, his journey didn’t halt; instead, he traversed various disciplines, culminating in esteemed entrepreneurship. This trajectory enabled innovations spanning electric vehicles and space exploration. The dividends of lifelong learning are apparent.

Multiple avenues beckon to facilitate perpetual learning: delving into diverse subjects through books, immersing in podcasts, participating in workshops and seminars, and even acquiring new languages. Embrace these avenues to carve a continuous path of intellectual enrichment.

4.  Work Towards Doing Something New Everyday

Incorporating novelty into your daily routine unveils fresh perspectives and paves the way for specialized expertise to flourish.

Consider individuals with inherent intelligence; they consistently seek novel endeavors, analyzing and innovating as they engage.

Embracing diverse experiences sparks unconventional thinking. The broad spectrum of exposure nurtures confidence, as it underscores your versatility. Venturing into uncharted territory stimulates cognitive agility, fostering swift thinking processes. By continually embracing new challenges, you empower your mind and cultivate quick thinking abilities.

5.  Learn A New Language

The pursuit of learning a new language serves as an all-encompassing exercise for your brain, enhancing its overall functionality. The scientific community corroborates the notion that embracing bilingual or multilingual capabilities contributes to heightened intelligence.

Reflect on this: the process of acquiring a new language compels you to tap into every facet of your brain’s memory bank. As you navigate vocabulary acquisition, delve into dictionaries, and uphold grammatical precision, your brain absorbs fresh data and refines its operational efficiency.

The culmination of these efforts yields several cognitive benefits. Your memory becomes more adept, your attention span flourishes, and your adaptability to novel situations amplifies. Indeed, venturing into the realm of language acquisition substantiates the correlation between linguistic prowess and cognitive enhancement.

6.  Play Games That Improve Your Logical Thinking

Certain games possess the capacity to refine your logical thinking and foster learning abilities, particularly notable among them are classic board games such as chess, scrabble, and monopoly.

Engaging with these games imparts practical life lessons, cultivates innovative thinking, and bolsters your confidence in decision-making.

A personal anecdote from my high school experience aptly illustrates this phenomenon. A teacher chose a friend of mine to undertake the journey of learning and playing chess over a semester. This endeavor yielded remarkable outcomes, evident in a noteworthy upswing in his academic grades.

Notably, his prowess in decision-making showcased marked improvement. Moreover, the game nurtured a capacity for logical thinking and facilitated the assimilation of new information. The transformative impact of such games on cognitive faculties and intellectual growth is irrefutable.7.  Exercise Your Body As Well As Your Mind

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7.  Exercise Your Body As Well As Your Mind

Engaging in physical exercise constitutes a potent catalyst for elevating intelligence. The benefits extend to enhanced concentration, fortified memory, and heightened productivity.

Physical activity serves as a vehicle for preserving cognitive capabilities, including organizational skills and sustained attention. It also contributes to the augmentation of brain functions and structural integrity.

Regular exercise not only cultivates bodily fitness but also bolsters mental well-being. This practice empowers your brain, endowing it with the vigor to operate at peak efficiency.

8.  Explain What You Know To Others

An effective method to expedite learning is by imparting your newfound knowledge to others. Take the initiative to elucidate a subject or topic to gauge your grasp of the concept.

The act of explaining to others can notably enhance your intellect. Notably, this phenomenon elucidates why first-born children often exhibit heightened intelligence. They share life lessons they’ve assimilated with their siblings, thereby facilitating their cognitive development.

9.  Challenge Yourself Every Day

The brain thrives on challenges, invigorating its vitality. Consequently, crafting a roster of tasks designed to push your boundaries is paramount.

Consider, for instance, venturing into learning a new language, mastering a musical instrument, or delving into coding. Alternatively, cultivate the ability to embrace a wholesome diet devoid of junk, engage in inventive pursuits, or resolve existing predicaments. These challenges beckon your cognitive faculties into action, refining logical thinking and heightening brain functions.

10.  Stay Social To Enhance Your Mental Fitness

You might wonder about the connection between social interaction and intelligence. Allow me to elucidate: meaningful exchanges with others can enrich your existing knowledge base.

The frequency of your social interactions correlates with your potential for heightened intelligence. It’s advisable to engage with individuals who exhibit innovation and possess a profound grasp of their viewpoints—these interactions offer a wellspring of insights.

Moreover, attentive listening during these interactions augments brain memory. This attentive engagement facilitates the acquisition of fresh information, thereby enhancing cognitive capacities.

11.  Utilize Your Time Wisely

The prevalence of excessive social media scrolling serves as a notable contemporary distraction. However, it fails to contribute to your daily tasks and mental well-being.

Engaging in internet gossip can divert your focus from activities that offer mental enrichment.

Redirecting your online time toward reading informative content can prove invaluable. Prioritize sources that expand your knowledge horizon.

Opt to follow accounts that stimulate cognitive prowess, fostering interactions with individuals esteemed for their intelligence and experience. This approach ensures your online endeavors align with mental growth and personal development.

12.  Travel As Often As You Can

Traveling serves as an avenue for exposure to novel experiences. Embarking on journeys to unfamiliar cities or countries grants you insight into diverse cultures, traditions, knowledge systems, and belief systems. This process facilitates the acquisition of fresh knowledge, augmenting your existing reservoir.

Personally, I seize every opportunity to explore different locales. Arriving in a new city, I engage with new individuals, partaking in discussions about their unique insights, historical narratives, and convictions.

The information shared is meticulously stored within my brain, enhancing my immediate memory and subsequently bolstering my capacity to generate innovative concepts.

Beyond the joy of exploration, traveling unfolds new vantage points, prompting your mind to embrace additional insights. This influx of fresh knowledge subsequently propels heightened brain performance, positioning you to approach challenges and opportunities with renewed acuity.

13.  Write Your Notes By Hand

Scientific investigations underscore the advantage of manual writing in information retention and comprehension. While handwritten notes demand time, they offer a more digestible means of assimilating knowledge.

In educational settings, students who opt for handwritten note-taking exhibit swifter comprehension of study materials compared to those who type. Typing tends to mirror a transcription process devoid of cognitive engagement, focusing merely on reproducing auditory input.

Conversely, handwriting necessitates immediate comprehension of the instructor’s words and rapid summarization of information. This practice inherently reinforces understanding and retention, contributing to a more profound grasp of new concepts.

14.  Eat Nutrient-rich Food

Enhancing intelligence is attainable through the consumption of nutrient-rich foods that bolster brain function. Prioritize foods abundant in essential compounds like flavonoids, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy fats.

These nutritional components offer neuroprotective advantages, heightening executive functioning capabilities and enhancing working memory efficiency.

15.  Play Action-oriented Video Games

Researchers have arrived at a consensus that individuals who engage in moderate video game play exhibit improvements in logical thinking and heightened focus.

The act of playing video games necessitates the utilization of multiple senses. Rapid prediction is imperative, even in situations with limited supporting evidence.

In the context of action video games, evading failure at specific levels propels strategic thinking. The drive to endure and succeed prompts the application of logical prowess. This cognitive demand not only contributes to victory within the game but also cultivates heightened intelligence.

How To Make Your Brain Smarter And Faster

You dedicate weekly visits to the gym for physical exercise, ensuring your body’s well-being. Hiking is chosen for endurance training, further enhancing your fitness regimen.

While you invest ample time in nurturing your physique, have you pondered the notion of nurturing your brain to attain heightened intelligence? The pursuit of greater intellect holds undeniable significance, necessitating a deliberate strategy to elevate cognitive capabilities and accelerate mental processes.

By enhancing the sharpness and speed of your brain, you unlock the potential for extraordinary achievements. The forthcoming discourse will illuminate the avenues through which your brain can be propelled towards greater intelligence and swiftness. Stay engaged, as I elucidate the path to a smarter and faster mind.

1.  Do Something Different Repeatedly

Consistently acquiring new knowledge fosters the creation of intricate mental pathways geared towards successful execution of novel tasks.

In youth, grappling with math problems can be a daunting endeavor, consuming hours before a solution is reached. However, dedication and persistence yield remarkable results. While some may require years of practice, a few manage to master complex equations within weeks. This journey culminates in unwavering confidence in tackling any mathematical challenge.

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This transformation isn’t instantaneous; rather, it’s a gradual process necessitating continuous cultivation. Repetitive engagement in a particular activity paves the way for mastery.

Suppose procrastination is an adversary. Training yourself to circumvent this tendency reinforces your brain’s capacity to operate with newfound efficiency, thereby enhancing cognitive functions.

Engaging with activities beyond your comfort zone, ones that defy routine, nurtures brain development, endowing you with heightened intelligence. By consistently embracing novelty, you prime your brain for increased cognitive prowess.

2.  Learn Something New

The brain thrives and evolves through continuous engagement. Take the acquisition of a musical instrument, for instance, where you gain the ability to translate music notes into harmonious melodies.

Initiating the pursuit of new skills fosters logical thinking and serves as a catalyst for absorbing fresh knowledge. By pinpointing your individual learning style—whether it be rapid or gradual—you establish a framework tailored to your cognitive inclinations.

Harnessing this awareness empowers your brain to optimize the learning process and swiftly adapt to new information. As you engage in this iterative cycle, your brain refines its capabilities, culminating in improved aptitude and cognitive agility.

3.  Eat Right And Include Dark Chocolate

Incorporating foods such as fish, fruits, and vegetables into your diet contributes to long-term brain enhancement. However, a lesser-known fact is that dark chocolate can also wield the power to elevate your intelligence.

Indulging in chocolate prompts the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with improved cognitive functioning and enhanced memory recall.

The next time you encounter challenges while attempting tasks, consider partaking in some dark chocolate to harness its brain-boosting potential.

4.  Spend 15-20 Minutes Every Day Thinking

The distinction between exceptional thinkers and excessive rumination lies in the ingenuity of their ideas. While great thinkers are celebrated for their transformative insights, overthinking stands in contrast to intellectual contemplation.

Dedicate a brief yet focused span of 15-20 minutes daily to ponder novel endeavors or pertinent matters. Astonishingly, this deliberate exercise often yields a wellspring of innovative concepts.

By stimulating your brain, you unlock a realm of untapped potential, enhancing your capabilities within your domain. It’s crucial, however, to strike a balance and avoid overburdening your mind, as excessive mental exertion can lead to physical discomfort or headaches.

5.  Write With Your Hand Regularly

In the contemporary landscape, keyboards and touchscreens have permeated daily life, fostering a reliance on these tools. Even students resort to personal computers to access educational resources, drawn by the effectiveness and time-saving attributes.

However, the act of writing by hand serves as a potent mechanism to stimulate cognitive engagement. The physicality of penmanship triggers heightened attention to the words being transcribed, prompting a deeper grasp of their meaning.

Consequently, the practice of jotting down plans and goals on paper is advocated. This process cultivates attentiveness within the brain, facilitating thoughtful contemplation on the provided information. Moreover, it stimulates creative thinking to strategize ways to attain these objectives.

How To Become Super Intelligent

The allure of intelligence is universal, sought after for its perceived worth. Consequently, the quest to attain exceptional intellect fuels our desire to become exceptionally intelligent.

In the fabric of society, acclaim befalls those endowed with astuteness—an aptitude vital for optimal decision-making. Indeed, our progress hinges on the sagacity exhibited by individuals.

Society’s advancements materialize through the ingenious decisions of bright minds. The challenges that confront us find resolution in the wake of intelligence’s guiding light.

The prowess of intelligence is a catalyst for innovation, wealth generation, and efficiency enhancement. While innate intelligence has its role, active engagement in specific activities offers a pathway to amplify intellectual capacity.

This article elucidates methods that can propel you toward achieving a state of extraordinary intelligence.

1.  Focus On Building A Deeper Understanding

Intelligence is characterized by an enhanced ability to comprehend concepts with depth. Whether you’re acquiring new knowledge or encountering challenges, prioritizing comprehension is key.

Approaching situations with a quest for understanding facilitates smoother goal attainment. Nurturing the habit of delving into subjects at a profound level is transformative.

This inclination toward profound comprehension fosters a natural manifestation of intelligence across various scenarios.

2.  Reading Should Be Your Hobby

For some individuals, reading a single page of a book seems arduous and uninteresting. However, such an outlook is incompatible with the aspiration to attain exceptional intelligence.

Elevating your intellect necessitates a persistent commitment to expanding your knowledge through consistent reading. Delve into a diverse range of materials including books, journals, and articles. This practice yields an incremental increase in your IQ, propelled by the wealth of information you accumulate.

The ability to cultivate an experiential realm through literature transcends the requirement for firsthand encounters. Thus, embracing the role of an avid reader is pivotal to your journey toward heightened intelligence. Remarkably knowledgeable, readers possess a distinctive reservoir of insights.

3.  Download IQ improvement app(s) On Your Phone

In the contemporary landscape, the emergence of IQ apps offers a novel avenue to cultivate superlative intelligence. Engineered with the purpose of posing intricate and logically demanding questions, these apps serve as an ongoing evaluation of your intellectual acumen. Regular engagement with these applications facilitates consistent knowledge enhancement.

These apps wield a two-fold advantage. Firstly, they introduce you to unfamiliar concepts, augmenting your knowledge through exposure to uncharted territories. Secondly, the rigorous questioning regimen propels your cognitive growth, inching you closer to the pinnacle of intelligence.

4.  Keep Yourself Informed

Eminence in intelligence often accompanies a breadth of knowledge spanning diverse domains. Attaining a state of exceptional intellect necessitates embracing the ethos of being well-versed across myriad subjects.

An effective strategy involves cultivating a nuanced awareness of global occurrences. Given the ceaseless flow of events shaping the world, immersing yourself in current affairs proves invaluable.

This endeavor not only equips you with the capacity to form informed opinions on contemporary matters but also positions you as a person of influence. The process of acquiring and retaining copious information cultivates cognitive robustness, nurturing the vitality of the brain.

5.  Review Learned Information

Upon acquiring new knowledge, committing to regular review is paramount. This practice bolsters memory function, ultimately fostering a robust recollection capacity. Consistent application of this strategy promises the cultivation of an impressive memory repertoire.

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Resisting the urge to hastily cast aside acquired information is prudent. Engaging in systematic review acts as a catalyst for knowledge retention. Moreover, this process kindles an inclination towards delving deeper into the subject matter.

Through diligent review and subsequent pursuit of comprehension, the acquired information undergoes a transformation. Gradually, it metamorphoses into a well-entrenched, comprehensively understood realm of knowledge.

How To Become Smarter In School

Encountering an online article focused on enhancing academic intelligence proved instrumental during my college journey. Adhering to the outlined suggestions led to tangible improvements in my scholastic pursuits.

The process of assimilating the provided insights holds a straightforward essence, with the potential to engender remarkable academic advancement. Thus, I am poised to share these transformative tips, designed to elevate one’s educational prowess.

For fellow students intent on augmenting their intellectual capabilities within the academic sphere, the forthcoming tips hold immense value. By incorporating these guidelines into your approach, you can anticipate substantial benefits in your educational journey.

1.  Ruminate On What You Have Been Taught In Class

A prevalent oversight among modern students is neglecting the practice of reflecting upon their classroom learnings. A common misconception is that reading course materials is reserved solely for exam periods, ultimately leading to lackluster or middling academic performance rooted in hurried preparations.

Diverging from the prevalent norm, adopting a more strategic approach proves advantageous. Dispelling the notion that studying should be confined to test seasons, students are encouraged to engage with the subject matter on a continuous basis. This entails dedicating time after school to review the day’s lessons, meticulously delving into the assigned topics. Notably, identifying areas of confusion is pivotal during this phase.

Subsequently, avenues for clarification are explored, either through direct queries posed to educators or by capitalizing on the wealth of information available in the digital age. This proactive stance fosters a deep-seated familiarity with the subject matter, translating into tangible academic success.

The transformation is not wrought by enchantment but by concerted effort. Elevating one’s scholastic performance hinges on diligence and a steadfast commitment to this evolved learning approach.

2.  Engage In Educative Discussion

Enhancing the learning experience for students entails active participation in insightful discussions. Extensive research substantiates the brain’s accelerated retention of information garnered through dialogue.

The process of engaging in meaningful exchanges with peers yields an unexpected benefit – a heightened propensity for information retention. Conversations serve as a conduit for imprinting concepts within memory, rendering them more accessible for future recall. This interactive approach culminates in a comprehensive fortification of subject knowledge, thereby invigorating cognitive faculties.

3.  Study Difficult Topics When Reading

The path to intelligence is obstructed by the avoidance of intricate subjects during the process of learning. The brain is inherently inclined towards challenges, serving as a catalyst for augmenting its capabilities.

It follows that immersing oneself in the realms of complex subjects engenders a potent cognitive stimulus. Frequent encounters with intricate topics foster an enhanced comprehension thereof. In instances where certain aspects remain elusive, recourse to seeking elucidation from educators is pivotal for continued progress. Embracing the challenge of intricate topics is a pivotal step towards intellectual growth.

4.  Read Other Materials That Support Your Learning In Class

Do academic books often leave you disinterested? It’s time to shift your perspective if you aspire to cultivate intelligence in your academic journey. Embracing a lifelong commitment to reading is the hallmark of perpetual learning, and the pursuit of knowledge should remain an enduring passion.

Reflecting on my own college experiences, a significant turning point emerged when a teacher initiated a reading group within our class. The rationale was succinctly outlined – the group would facilitate the exchange of insights, collectively comprehend course materials, and nurture a genuine love for reading.

Regrettably, a portion of the students perceived the reading group as a tedious endeavor, dismissing its potential impact. Conversely, my fellow participants and I embraced this endeavor wholeheartedly.

Dedicatedly immersing ourselves in a multitude of texts, day and night, we not only honed our individual understanding but also championed collective growth. In instances where peers struggled, we extended a helping hand, fostering an environment of collaboration.

As the semester reached its culmination, our efforts bore fruit in the form of exceptional achievements. The pivotal catalyst for this success was our unwavering commitment to an extensive array of reading materials. Our exploration encompassed not only prescribed content but also supplementary resources aligned with the curriculum, ultimately propelling us to mastery.

This transformative journey underscores the profound influence of reading as a powerful tool for academic excellence, expanding horizons beyond the confines of traditional coursework.

5.  Make Up Your Mind To Be Determined And Consistent In Studying

In the pursuit of academic intelligence, determination and consistency emerge as the bedrock essentials. Without these two pillars, the effectiveness of the aforementioned strategies for enhancing scholastic acumen remains compromised.

Elevating oneself within the realms of learning and comprehension necessitates an unwavering commitment to determination and consistency. These attributes form the cornerstone of academic progress, anchoring one’s journey towards intellectual growth. To embark on the path of scholastic brilliance, a resolute mindset coupled with steadfast dedication is imperative.

Furthermore, channeling one’s focus towards the ultimate goal is pivotal. The convergence of determination, consistency, and focused intent generates a potent synergy that propels students towards achieving their aspirations within the academic sphere.


Do not allow any barriers to hinder your pursuit of intelligence. Disregard the notion of inherent giftedness; there exist explicit activities designed to foster your journey towards heightened intellect.

Much like the illustrious figures who have left an indelible mark on the world, you too can carve your path towards greatness by adhering to the outlined principles of intellectual enhancement.

Throughout history, luminaries have shaped the course of human evolution through their brilliance, and this legacy continues unabated. The decision lies within your grasp – whether to etch your name in the annals of history by contributing to society through the power of your discerning intellect.