11 Things To Add To Your Morning Routine List In 2021

The dawn of a new year brings with it a canvas of fresh opportunities and a chance to make transformative decisions. As the early months unfold, it’s a prime time to set the course for the rest of the year. While it’s natural to feel like you haven’t made those critical decisions yet, remember that the year is still in its infancy, and you’re far from being behind. In this article, we’ll explore some invigorating morning routines to consider incorporating into your daily regimen for a revitalized 2021.

Your mornings serve as the gateway to a day filled with untapped potential and prospects. Just as each day’s morning marks a fresh start, the first month of the year holds a similar significance. Both provide the opportunity to lay the foundation for impactful changes in your life. These changes need not be monumental career choices; they can be as simple as deciding to distance yourself from disrespectful individuals.

Integrating new routines into your life might initially feel like uncharted territory. To support your journey, consider leveraging resources like The AfamUche Self-development Journal (also known as The Life Compass Workbook) and Planner (named Goal Chaser). These tools offer valuable guidance to seamlessly incorporate these transformative routines into your daily existence as the year progresses.

Crafting a morning routine carries a host of benefits for your mental health. It serves as a steadfast anchor in the ebb and flow of daily life, boosting your confidence, resilience, and focus. Moreover, it helps you actively engage in your relationships, whether with friends, family, your spouse, or colleagues. By dedicating time to nurture your well-being each morning, you’re setting the stage for a more balanced and fulfilling year ahead.

Embrace the wisdom in John C. Maxwell’s words that changing your daily habits can catalyze profound life changes. The potential of each morning mirrors the potential of the first month of the year—to steer your life toward a positive trajectory. While the journey might seem daunting, remember that it’s never too late to embark on this transformative path. As the year unfolds, let these morning routines be your compass, guiding you toward personal growth and a renewed sense of purpose.

Nurturing mindfulness and gratitude becomes accessible during this sacred morning time, fostering an essential foundation for a rejuvenated and serene life—a true necessity as we embrace the new year.

Outlined below are invigorating morning habits that can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, propelling you towards heightened productivity and embarking on a journey of profound fulfillment. With sleeves rolled up, let’s delve into these straightforward, healthful, and impactful morning routines.

1.  Hydrate

The importance of staying well-hydrated cannot be overstated. During the recommended sleep duration of six to eight hours, our bodies undergo a considerable period without water intake. Hence, upon waking, it’s not just a routine, but a vital necessity to rehydrate.

While the allure of a cup of morning coffee is common, it’s worth replacing that habitual sip with a glass or two of water. Coffee, albeit a popular choice, can contribute to dehydration, making water the ideal choice for your initial morning drink.

With the human brain comprising a staggering 73% water, the significance of hydration for daily alertness and productivity becomes crystal clear. A qualified nutritionist underscores this link, stating that low energy levels often stem from dehydration, given water’s role in bodily regulation and cognitive function. Additionally, water profoundly influences mood equilibrium, reflecting its intricate tie to emotional balance.

Morning hydration isn’t solely about enhancing brain performance; it’s an elemental aspect of overall well-being. While you slumber, your immune system diligently purges harmful toxins from your body. By replenishing your system with water upon waking, you expedite this detoxification process, supporting your body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Water operates as a cornerstone of metabolism, its presence significantly accelerating the metabolic process. Thus, integrating hydration into your morning routine holds the power to rev up your metabolism, providing a healthful boost to kick-start your day.

As you chart your course for a fulfilling year, consider the remarkable role hydration plays. It’s not merely a tangential factor but an essential ingredient for your vitality, mood, and cerebral activity. Cultivating a habit of morning hydration yields benefits that permeate every facet of your well-being.

As you embark on a year brimming with aspirations and pursuits, remember to heed the call for morning hydration with utmost seriousness. This uncomplicated practice contributes to your holistic health, fortifies your daily disposition, and elevates your cognitive faculties. In the realm of self-care, embracing hydration as a central tenet is a powerful stride towards the vibrant, productive, and healthful life you envision for yourself in 2021.

2.  Make Your Bed

You might be curious about the relationship between making your bed and accomplishing your goals. Surprisingly, research underscores that incorporating bed-making into your morning routine holds the power to ignite your daily productivity.

By conscientiously making your bed each morning, you’ve already conquered your first task of the day. This small victory acts as a catalyst, motivating you to tackle subsequent tasks. As these accomplishments accumulate, your day takes on a productive momentum.

It’s tempting to bypass this seemingly mundane act, opting for immediate coziness. However, the extra minute invested in smoothing covers and fluffing pillows carries a significance far beyond its simplicity.

Beyond the initial sense of achievement, making your bed correlates with a heightened sense of well-being. Charles Duhigg’s insights from “The Power of Habit” illuminate this phenomenon. He reveals that making your bed fosters better productivity, an enhanced feeling of well-being, and a fortified ability to adhere to budgetary constraints. This act serves as a keystone habit, initiating a ripple effect of positive behaviors.

Integrating bed-making into your morning routine is a small yet potent step towards nurturing a fulfilling year. As you embark on your journey in 2021, remember that your growth hinges on the habits you cultivate. Each day is an opportunity to empower the habits that propel you toward your aspirations.

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3.  Say Your Gratitude Prayer

The first rays of dawn illuminate your world, consider embracing a practice that can transform your outlook and fuel your motivation—the practice of gratitude. Starting your day with a gratitude prayer, while attentively acknowledging each part of your body, sets a positive tone that resonates throughout the day.

Gratitude is the art of reflecting on the positive facets of life, drawing motivation and strength from them. In the midst of life’s rapid pace, we often overlook the elements that bring us joy and fortitude. By intentionally engaging in gratitude, we gain a renewed perspective on life’s blessings.

Make gratitude an integral part of your early morning routine, from the moment you open your eyes. Deliberately take a moment to recall the people who have enriched your life, situations that have empowered you, and accomplishments that have kindled a sense of fulfillment and motivation.

Consider maintaining a gratitude list, a repository of the elements that evoke your gratitude on a daily basis. This practice solidifies your focus on positivity and prompts you to recognize the blessings, no matter how subtle, that grace your life each day.

If crafting a list isn’t your preferred approach, a morning gratitude prayer can be equally effective. Even during challenging times, there’s invariably something to be thankful for. Uttering a few words of gratitude each morning can significantly elevate your physical and mental well-being.

Practicing gratitude has a profound impact on your overall health. By immersing yourself in appreciation, you foster a sense of contentment and mindfulness that resonates in both your physical and mental states. This ripple effect can lead to enhanced well-being and a more optimistic perspective on life’s challenges.

4. Focus On The Positive

Commence your day by ushering in positivity through the practice of positive affirmations. If you haven’t yet welcomed the practice of affirmations into your consciousness, 2021 is the perfect time to start. Just as exercise strengthens the body, positive affirmations reprogram the unconscious mind for success, acting as a catalyst for transformation.

Positive affirmations serve as a potent tool to realign your mindset and aspirations. They are concise, positive declarations that vividly depict specific goals in their accomplished state. Much like a mental exercise, they work to reshape your thoughts and perspectives, paving the way for success.

Visualize yourself triumphantly crossing a stage to receive an award for academic excellence. Imagine exuding control over your attitude, independent of external influences. Envision gracing the pages of Forbes as a testament to your accomplishments. These are the building blocks of effective affirmations that, when consistently repeated, propel you towards their realization.

The human brain is a remarkable instrument, capable of manifesting your thoughts into reality. When you infuse your consciousness with your affirmations, especially in the morning, your mind becomes programmed to drive your actions towards these goals. Successful individuals understand this strategy, acknowledging that willpower alone isn’t enough for success. Affirmations act as a constant reminder of your capability to achieve greatness.

Make positive affirmations an integral part of your morning routine. They serve as mental armor, equipping you to face challenges with preparedness and resilience. By replacing self-doubt with self-belief, you transform fear into confidence and uncertainty into certainty.

Devote time to composing affirmations that resonate with your aspirations. Whether it’s excelling in your career, maintaining a positive attitude, or achieving personal milestones, ensure your affirmations reflect your dreams. Put pen to paper and commit these affirmations to writing, then articulate them aloud daily.

In the mosaic of personal growth, positive affirmations emerge as a pathway to success. Your mind’s ability to manifest your desires hinges on your ability to visualize and believe in them. As you embark on 2021, let positive affirmations be the beacon that guides you towards your objectives, reminding you of your boundless potential. By embracing this practice, you’re setting the stage for a year brimming with accomplishments that align with your most audacious visions.

5. Write Morning Pages Or A Journal

An indispensable addition to your morning routine list is the practice of journaling, specifically in the form of morning pages—a stream of consciousness journaling ritual conducted each morning.

As the sun rises, reach for your morning journal and begin jotting down the initial thoughts that flow through your mind. The crux of this exercise lies in its unfiltered nature; refrain from revisiting your entries or adhering to rigid writing conventions. Allow your thoughts to cascade onto the page without constraint.

Embrace the spontaneity of your thoughts without imposing preconceived notions. The act of writing without restraint unlocks your creative reservoirs, prompting you to explore uncharted territories of your mind. Your journal entries might initially feel challenging, but with continued practice, they effortlessly transform into a liberating creative outlet.

Embrace this practice as a means of unearthing your genuine thoughts. The absence of filters enables your mind to traverse unexplored avenues, fostering authenticity in your expressions.

Guard the sanctity of your journal as a treasured secret. Writing with the awareness of a potential audience curbs your authenticity. Ensure your journal remains for your eyes only, preserving the freedom to articulate your thoughts without inhibition.

Morning journaling exercises a profound influence on your mindset throughout the day. To maximize the efficacy of this practice, eschew digital distractions prior to journaling. Scrolling through social media, perusing emails, or watching television before journaling can distort your perspective or even cause you to forget this crucial practice altogether.

Incorporating journaling into your morning routine nurtures creativity and self-reflection. This practice aligns your thoughts and amplifies your authenticity, transcending the boundaries of convention.

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6.  Plan And Prep In Advance

The arsenal of compelling morning routines, effective planning emerges as a navigational compass that sets your course for the entire day. Acknowledging that your morning routine is often the linchpin to a productive day, you might be contemplating the initiation of a new morning ritual. However, the journey transcends mere desire—it necessitates strategic planning.

The foundation of a successful morning routine is rooted in meticulous planning. To curate a morning free from distractions, prioritize early rising. Align your day’s timetable with an early bedtime. If digital devices or movie marathons tend to keep you awake, opt for a technology-free buffer period of at least 10 minutes before sleep, ensuring you retire to bed at a more optimal hour and awaken revitalized.

Your life’s trajectory rests within your grasp, demanding a conscientious blend of planning and discipline to fashion a coherent morning routine list and adhere to it. By charting a strategic path, you’re embracing your role as the architect of your destiny.

As you blueprint your morning routine, set a reasonable wake-up time that aligns with your aspirations. Avoid succumbing to the allure of the snooze button, channeling your resolve towards consistency. Jot down the components you wish to incorporate into your morning routine, allocating a specific timeframe to each activity. The act of planning paves the way for purposeful execution.

Planning isn’t merely a formality; it’s the cornerstone of goal achievement. This holds particularly true for your morning routine. Dedicate time to strategically organize your approach to the day’s commencement. The dividends of this practice ripple throughout your day, fostering efficiency, productivity, and an empowered mindset.

“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”: As you traverse the landscape of the new year, infuse your journey with the mantra “proper planning prevents poor performance.” This succinct phrase encapsulates the transformative potential of strategic forethought, guiding your actions and aspirations towards fulfillment.

7.  Establish A Grounding Activity- Yoga, Meditation, Or Even Stretching

The ceaseless hustle and bustle of today’s world, initiating your day with meditation emerges as a potent remedy to cultivate heightened awareness. In the midst of a life teeming with stress and pressures from various quarters—be it school, work, family, or relationships—attaining a state of tranquility becomes a sanctuary for your mind.

Our minds often navigate the tumultuous waters of continuous agitation. Amidst this clamor, the elusive peace of mind holds the key to breakthroughs in life. Despite its concealed nature, true serenity always exists, awaiting your discovery—a quest facilitated through the practice of meditation and yoga.

Awakening to a serene session of meditation or yoga serves as a conduit to achieving peace and tranquility. This early engagement establishes a foundation of calmness that resonates throughout the day, thereby influencing your outlook and interactions. As you bask in this sense of calm, your perspective undergoes a subtle shift, fostering a newfound positivity towards yourself and the day ahead.

Meditation and yoga offer a profound invitation to release the burdens that obscure your innate clarity and serenity. By surrendering the weight of worries and distractions, you unearth an oasis of tranquility within yourself.

Reflecting on a personal experience, there was a time when a particular situation cast a shadow of sadness upon me. This emotional turmoil cast a pall over my demeanor, dimming my motivation and rendering productivity elusive. Amidst this predicament, a reminder of the transformative potency of meditation emerged, steering me back to the path of rejuvenation. With just five minutes of morning meditation, a wave of refreshment washed over me, and the realization dawned that my distress was but a transitory phase.

If meditation, yoga, or mindfulness has yet to grace your morning routine, the time for inclusion is now. Amidst the dawn’s stillness, embrace these practices as a beacon of serenity, a means to nurture your mind’s equilibrium, and a catalyst for channeling your inner positivity.

8. Turn On Some Music Or Something To Lift Your Spirit

Incorporating music into your morning routine holds a significant place in enhancing your day’s trajectory. Morning music acts as a bridge, leading you out of the labyrinthine corridors of your internal dialogue, imparting a fresh perspective, and infusing your day with vigor.

While mindfulness practice in silence has its merits, the siren call of slumber can beckon if you’re not vigilant. In contrast, the strains of music stimulate your mind, coaxing it into an active engagement with the unfolding day.

Beyond its emotional impact, music plays a pivotal role in cultivating good health. Early scientific studies underscore the cardiovascular benefits of music, revealing its potential to enhance cardiac output, stabilize blood pressure, maintain a steady pulse, and facilitate optimal respiration.

Imagine the gentle embrace of music tenderly rousing your brain and body from their slumber. As the melodies fill the air, a gradual awakening takes place, priming you for the day that lies ahead.

While the beauty of music is undeniable, alternative options like podcasts and TED Talks extend a robust invitation to ignite your morning. In moments when personal motivation may falter, external sources of strength and inspiration offer invaluable support. Tuning in to a podcast or TED Talk that resonates with your needs injects a fresh surge of motivation.

A podcast or TED Talk can be a lifeline on days when motivation wanes. The uncharted territories of career choices, personal growth, or self-improvement can be explored through these mediums. A morning infused with enriching content sets a tone of determination and focus, arming you with insights that reverberate throughout the day.

As you seize the reins of your day, the echoes of encouraging words from a podcast or TED Talk may reverberate when you face challenges. These voices of encouragement echo, “You can conquer this. Your determination knows no bounds.” In moments of adversity, this memory propels you forward, reinforcing your resolve.

9.  Visualize How You Want Your Day To Go

Integrating visualization into your morning routine bestows it with a transformative dimension, turning it into a cherished ritual that shapes your day. To embark on this journey, seek out a serene haven where you can immerse yourself in the practice of early morning visualization.

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As the canvas of a new day unfurls before you, embrace the practice of visualization with intent. Envision the trajectory you wish your day to traverse—your desired accomplishments, potential challenges, and the attitudes you strive to avoid. This mental exercise propels you into a realm of preparedness, enhancing your ability to navigate various situations.

Visualization transcends mere mental imagery—it extends to the realm of emotions. As you embark on this practice, tap into your feelings. Allow your emotions to interlace with your visualizations, infusing them with authenticity and depth. Align your aspirations and desires with the currents of your emotions, thereby amplifying motivation and fostering emotional mastery.

Imagine, for instance, the scenario of habitual aggression towards coworkers. Through visualization, delve into the root causes of this behavior. Ponder on alternative responses when approached by colleagues. Envision yourself adopting a composed demeanor and responding constructively. By crafting these scenarios in your mind’s eye, you pave the way for a transformative shift in your real-life interactions.

Another facet of visualization involves addressing procrastination and enhancing productivity. Picture yourself diligently completing tasks, eliminating the shadows of procrastination. As you engage in this practice, you’re forging neural pathways that align your intentions with actions, culminating in heightened productivity.

Research underscores the profound impact of visualization on the mind. When you visualize an action, your brain experiences it in a manner akin to reality. Consequently, your thoughts can shape your actions, fueling your journey towards personal and professional success.

10. Take Inspired Action

The catalyst lies in the realm of inspired action—a force propelled by your internal instincts. This potent force, an integral component of your morning routine, has the power to steer you towards the fulfillment of your desires.

Inspired action isn’t a mere exercise in motion; it’s a profound leap towards manifesting your goals. It emerges from the depths of your being—a powerful internal compass that guides your steps towards the realization of your aspirations.

Often, the genesis of inspired action defies your previous contemplations. It surfaces as an innovative solution, a novel approach, or an uncharted avenue leading you to your goals. This form of action germinates in the soil of calmness and serenity, thriving in the tranquil moments following meditation or invigorating podcasts.

The distinguishing trait between routine action and inspired action is the profound inner urging that accompanies the latter. This impulse to act may lack clear rationalization, yet it exudes a sense of purpose and direction. It’s an intuitive calling that resonates deep within, signifying a path that aligns with your truest desires.

When inspired action beckons, an undeniable urge propels you forward. Despite the lack of explicit reasoning, the prospect of executing this action brings a surge of contentment. This spontaneous stride embodies happiness—a testament to the authentic resonance between your aspirations and the steps you’re taking.

The tapestry of inspired action, there’s a natural synchrony with your dreams. These actions unfurl organically, each one a stepping stone that propels you closer to your desired destination. It’s a harmonious dance where your actions seamlessly align with your goals.

Inspired steps evoke an exhilarating sensation. They empower you with enthusiasm and anticipation, compelling you to embark on the journey towards your dreams. As you navigate this path, the realization of your goals draws nearer, and the symphony of fulfillment crescendos.

11. Create A Morning Skincare Or Beauty Routine You’ll Love

The notion that individuals with clear skin hold a special favor in the eyes of providence sparks debate. While the concept is debatable, the universal desire for clear and radiant skin is indisputable. Irrespective of gender, the pursuit of clear skin embodies a quest for enhanced confidence and heightened self-esteem.

The journey to clear skin weaves a tapestry of enhanced self-assurance. This aspiration extends beyond the boundaries of gender, resonating with all who yearn for the glow of a complexion unmarred by imperfections. As you embark on this voyage, consider a dermatologist’s counsel or reputable online sources that provide insights into suitable skincare products.

The pursuit of clear skin needn’t be a labyrinth of product overindulgence. Rather than accumulating a multitude of products, focus on the judicious selection of items that align with your budget and skin’s needs. Avoid the arduous task of juggling a plethora of products or straining your financial resources.

Amidst your skincare journey, embrace an unwavering commitment to self-love. Cultivate patience as you nurture your skin, understanding that transformations take time. The process isn’t a hasty sprint but a steady marathon towards radiant skin that stands as a testament to your care and devotion.

Immerse yourself in the creation of a morning skincare ritual—a practice grounded in love and dedication. Choose products that resonate with your skin’s unique requirements. As you curate this routine, intertwine it with your morning activities, making it a seamless and cherished part of your day.

You cannot love something and not be excited to do it all over again. So, no matter how simple or little just a skincare routine might seem, make sure you are absolutely in love with it!


Hello there! As we journey through the passing year, it remains imperative to glean pivotal life lessons that will continue to serve us in the years ahead. Amidst this dynamic process, our habits and routines emerge as the linchpin of our growth. Thus, it is of utmost significance to approach them with unwavering dedication and seriousness, recognizing their profound impact on our personal evolution.