10 Best Morning Routine That Will Keep You Mentally And Physically Safe

“In the words of John C. Maxwell, ‘You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.'”

Amidst the global panorama of challenges, extending far beyond the specter of the virus, individuals across the globe find themselves susceptible to both mental and physical repercussions. The ongoing disruptions have ushered in a new norm, reshaping the contours of our lives in unprecedented ways.

Globally, cherished traditions like donning party attire have receded into the confines of closets. Concurrently, the digital realm has witnessed an exponential surge in online sales and transactions, echoing the shifting paradigms of commerce. As our physical boundaries narrowed, the home emerged as a haven, mandating an adaptation to this confined environment. Education, once tethered to the classroom, has seamlessly transitioned into the virtual realm, an adjustment seen even in regions that historically faced technological lag.

The virtual realm has become the nucleus for myriad interactions, witnessing the proliferation of thousands of online meetings. This virtual interconnectedness fosters the emergence of novel ideas and habits, sculpting our daily existence in unprecedented ways. However, this evolving landscape also bears the weight of elevated product prices, a consequence of intricate supply chain disruptions. The societal shift has even redefined the boundaries of introversion and extroversion, compelling self-proclaimed extroverts to embrace solitude.

In this era of transformation, adaptability and resilience stand as guiding beacons. The world, while navigating through uncharted waters, showcases the indomitable spirit of humanity. With each challenge, humanity continues to innovate, evolve, and redefine norms, underscoring the unwavering capacity for growth even in the face of adversity.

The world has been irrevocably altered by the current global scenario. Amidst the chaos, physical connections with friends and loved ones have been severed. Nations find themselves pitted against one another, while world leaders convene both collectively and individually to combat the unprecedented disaster. The toll is devastating, with over half a million lives lost worldwide and millions more afflicted by this monstrous illness. Regrettably, the end to this crisis seems elusive, casting a shadow of perpetuity over our struggles and raising concerns about the fate of our world.

The shock of this reality reverberates deeply. Few could have foreseen the dramatic course that 2020 has taken. The initial half of the year has unfolded as a relentless battle, filled with unforeseen challenges and trials that have caught us all off guard.

Preparedness was a luxury none possessed. In the midst of this tempest, there looms a grave risk of succumbing to a state of mental and physical instability. The accumulating chaos poses a formidable barrier to safeguarding our mental well-being and sustaining the high vibrational frequency necessary for crafting a successful and wholesome life.

Prior to delving into today’s insights, I invite you to reflect on your personal journey through this tumultuous period. How are you navigating this complex maze? Have you embraced a morning routine to nurture your mental and physical health? Amidst the turbulence, have you adapted your routine to harmonize with the present reality? What constitutes your daily regimen? Contemplate the prospect of enduring this state of affairs for an additional four to five months—can you maintain your equilibrium and well-being?

As we embark on this introspective journey, remember that self-reflection serves as a compass guiding us through uncharted waters. It empowers us to craft strategies that cultivate resilience, foster well-being, and embrace the unforeseen challenges with unwavering determination.

1.  Journal

The therapeutic power of putting pen to paper. When life’s turbulence starts to swirl around me, I turn to my journal and pour out the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that assail me.

Transcribing your troubles onto paper serves as a liberating act. As your concerns take shape in written words, they relinquish their hold on your mind, creating room for other tasks and thoughts to flourish. However, the realm of writing extends beyond the confines of problem-solving alone.

Within the pages of your journal, countless possibilities await. A gratitude list can unfold, documenting the myriad blessings that endure despite the global turmoil. Contemplating your plans for navigating daily existence amidst these challenges is another avenue. Are you poised to infuse your morning routine with novel habits? How will you select these habits, and what aspects are you willing to relinquish? The pages of your journal provide a canvas to explore these dimensions, unburdening your mental space in the process.

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In the spirit of transformation, here are some probing questions to guide you towards crucial changes amid the current wave of adversity:

  • What is my end goal?
  • What’s not working in my current routine?
  • What change will be most effective?
  • How committed am I to making change?
  • How can I make the change that works for me?

2.  Get Early Morning Sunlight To Energize Your Body And Soul

To grasp this concept fully, a clear understanding of circadian rhythms is essential. These intrinsic and natural regulators dictate the sleep-wake cycle in humans, aligning with a roughly 24-hour cycle. Fascinatingly, these rhythms are not limited to humans alone—they extend to the plant kingdom as well.

Scientific insights have illuminated the interconnectedness of these rhythms with our well-being. Disrupting these innate rhythms has been associated with an array of health issues, ranging from premature aging to metabolic challenges such as weight gain.

Harnessing the power of circadian rhythms entails deliberately aligning them with external cues. A prime example of this is orchestrating a harmonious interaction between your light-dark sensitive circadian rhythms. Embracing the early morning sunlight emerges as a pivotal trigger for our bodies, a natural prompt that ushers in vitality and synchronizes with the innate cadence of our circadian rhythms. By embracing this practice, we honor the symphony of nature’s timing, energizing ourselves in alignment with the cyclical patterns that govern our well-being.

3.  Do Some Breathing Exercises

Rousing from slumber, engaging in revitalizing breathing exercises can set a harmonious tone for the day ahead. Among these exercises, the renowned Wim Hof technique stands prominent. This practice involves forming a slight hollow shape with your lips, followed by steady and relaxed breaths.

Personally, I have integrated a practice of commencing my mornings with a sequence of 10 deep breaths. This ritual unfurls as a soothing symphony for my body, imbuing a profound sense of tranquility. This tranquil state becomes the bedrock upon which I build my energetic start to the day, fostering a dynamic and invigorating foundation. As dawn breaks, embracing this intentional breathwork empowers me to embark on my daily journey with vitality and clarity.

4.  Prepare Mentally For The Day (Visualize Or Meditate)

In the face of the prevailing global challenges, safeguarding your well-being necessitates proactive mental preparation for the day ahead. As the first rays of dawn touch the horizon, I embark on a ritual that combines prayer (or meditation, for those who resonate with it) and visualizing my daily goals. This process parallels crafting a mental to-do list, one that shapes the course of my day on an inner plane.

However, individual paths diverge. What resonates with Jack might not necessarily resonate with Rose. In my case, commencing the day with prayer resonates deeply, serving as an anchor that grounds my intentions. Yet, for another soul, the allure of the morning lies in the pages of a book. It’s imperative to discern what resonates within your heart and to embrace it wholeheartedly.

The essence lies in recognizing that the journey to fortify one’s mental state is profoundly personal. What uplifts your spirit, aligns your thoughts, and readies your mind is the key that unlocks your resilience. As you embark on this endeavor, remember that your approach is as unique as you are—a reflection of the beautiful mosaic that constitutes your individuality.

5.  Fuel The Body And Brain

Much like a car requires fuel or gas to ignite its engine, the human body demands sustenance to initiate its functions. In essence, fuel serves as the driving force for both the vehicle and the body. This analogy underscores the critical importance of nourishing the human body for optimal performance.

The adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” resonates deeply here. To kickstart your day on the right note, embracing a balanced diet becomes paramount. This diet should encompass lean proteins, wholesome fats, and whole grains, creating a nutritional foundation that nurtures both body and mind.

A nourishing breakfast serves as the cornerstone of a well-fueled body and brain. By providing essential energy, it empowers you to navigate the day with vigor and vitality. Parallel to physical nourishment, feeding your mind with positive knowledge and insights becomes an equally vital facet of the equation. Investing in resources like books, courses, blogs, and informative materials contributes to the mental sustenance that empowers personal growth and a broadened perspective.

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In these unprecedented times, the call to consume positive content reverberates more than ever. By immersing yourself in enlightening materials, you proactively shape your mindset and expand your understanding of life’s journey. As you embark on this dual path of nourishing both body and mind, you set the stage for a life brimming with vitality, resilience, and enriched insights.

6.  Hydrate Your Body

The most effective methods to replenish hydration levels is by indulging in a refreshing glass of water in the morning. After a night’s repose without a drop to drink, this simple act can invigorate your system. Alternatively, adopting the Ayurvedic tradition of infusing warm water with a dash of lemon presents an equally beneficial option.

This ritual holds a twofold advantage—it facilitates the expulsion of toxins, aiding in cleansing both the body and throat, while also optimizing overall bodily functions. Research has unveiled the insidious role of dehydration in inducing sluggishness, particularly throughout the day. To ward off the clutches of weariness and maintain an optimal level of vitality, embracing morning hydration emerges as an essential strategy.

By infusing your dawn with the gift of hydration, you awaken your body’s innate mechanisms and set a buoyant tone for the hours ahead. This seemingly straightforward act resonates as a gesture of self-care that promises enduring dividends, rendering each day a canvas painted with energy and well-being.

7.  Move Your Body

Integrating a well-defined exercise routine into your morning regimen holds immense significance. Reflect on your current exercise routine or inquire if you’ve established one. A structured exercise routine serves as a compass, guiding your focus and intent during physical activity.

Ensuring your safety encompasses more than nurturing your mental well-being—it extends its embrace to encompass your physical vitality. In this vein, the incorporation of physical activity takes center stage. It’s pivotal to clarify that engaging in physical activity isn’t synonymous with committing to arduous gym sessions or extensive jogging endeavors.

A morning walk, for instance, can effortlessly fulfill your physical activity quotient. In fact, I wholeheartedly advocate the inclusion of a daily morning walk. Additional alternatives span the spectrum from invigorating jogs to spirited dance sessions, and even rigorous workout regimens.

As you navigate this delicate phase, fostering your safety envelops both mental and physical dimensions. Embracing regular physical activity emerges as an instrumental facet of this holistic approach. By engaging in these endeavors, you lay the foundation for a balanced, invigorated existence that safeguards your well-being in these intricate times.

8.  Make Your Bed

Here lies another pivotal aspect in cultivating mental preparedness. An intriguing insight gleaned from online sources reveals that some of the world’s most accomplished individuals commence their days by completing a seemingly mundane yet impactful task: making their beds.

This practice, nestled among the best morning routines for success, carries profound significance. The act of tidying your bed upon waking serves as a beacon of responsibility. Its completion bestows a palpable sense of accomplishment—a modest victory that reverberates as you embark on the day’s journey.

Unbeknownst to many, this practice evokes a two-fold cascade of emotions that profoundly influence your mental landscape. The initial emotion, a surge of responsibility, bolsters your resolve to face your aspirations head-on. The subsequent sensation, that of contentment and achievement, endows you with a mental reward—an incentive that propels you toward your goals.

While seemingly inconspicuous, this practice, when embedded within your routine, wields considerable power. A recommendation, therefore, emerges: embrace this seemingly modest action as an integral component of your morning ritual. In doing so, you lay the groundwork for a day brimming with motivation, fulfillment, and an unwavering commitment to conquer the path ahead.

9.  Have A To-Do List

A to-do list assumes the role of a navigational chart, meticulously outlining your day’s blueprint. This comprehensive roster serves as a compass, steering you along your chosen trajectory. Its significance lies in its ability to act as a safeguard against expending energy on unworthy pursuits.

Consider the scenario where your to-do list, meticulously curated, lacks an entry for a visit to the local amusement park. In the event that your companions extend an invitation for such an outing, you’re armed with the prerogative to gracefully decline or propose an alternative date. This seemingly straightforward decision broadcasts a message of discipline and commitment.

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This choice reverberates, imprinting an impression that resounds in the future. Your adherence to your to-do list communicates a measure of self-mastery and intentionality, shaping your relationships and interactions. As you tread this path, the presence of a well-structured to-do list morphs into a tool of empowerment—one that empowers you to exert control over your endeavors, allocate your attention judiciously, and foster an aura of discipline that permeates your daily life.

10.  Get Enough Restful Sleep

In a recent addition to my collection of posts, I delved into the significance of crafting a dedicated bedtime routine. This evening ritual serves as a beacon guiding you towards a rejuvenating slumber and ushering in a refreshed daybreak. Your bedtime routine encompasses a series of practices tailored for execution before you retire for the night.

This pre-sleep sequence exercises a remarkable influence over the quality of your mornings. Should you find yourself deprived of restorative sleep, your ability to initiate your day on a positive note is invariably compromised.

Recognize that your bedtime routine occupies a position of comparable importance to your morning regimen within the overarching framework of productivity enhancement. Thus, it’s prudent to approach it with utmost seriousness and diligence, as its ramifications permeate beyond the nocturnal hours, intertwining with your journey towards peak productivity.

With a mindful dedication to nurturing a bedtime routine, you’re bestowing upon yourself the gift of well-deserved repose, fortifying your body and mind for the challenges and triumphs that await in the dawn of each new day.

So, there you have it, folks: a compilation of the top 10 morning routines designed to safeguard your mental and physical well-being. These daily practices serve as the cornerstone of a robust body and mind. By now, I trust you’ve gleaned insights on how to construct a personalized morning routine from this comprehensive guide.

It’s worth emphasizing that these strategies hold particular significance in the face of the new normal instigated by the global pandemic. Amidst these unprecedented circumstances, consistency emerges as the linchpin to unlock the benefits of these routines.

Achieving consistency, however, requires a steadfast commitment. While many individuals embark on their morning routines with fervor in the initial week, the enthusiasm often wanes over subsequent weeks. To maintain a steady course, discipline is your staunch ally—a topic I’ll delve into in an upcoming post.

I’m genuinely interested in hearing from you: Are you already adhering to a morning routine? How are you navigating the tumultuous state of affairs gripping the world? Do you believe there might be elements missing from the list? Please feel free to share your insights in the comments section below—I eagerly await your thoughts.


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Your responses should be detailed and comprehensive. However, please bear in mind that the completion of these tasks isn’t the sole determinant of success in establishing a fruitful morning routine. Equally crucial is the unwavering commitment to consistency—a factor that plays an instrumental role in reaping the rewards of these routines.

If you’re truly committed to elevating your morning routine and, consequently, your overall well-being, I invite you to take this step with me. Remember, the path to transformation is shaped by persistence, dedication, and a genuine desire for positive change.


Hello there! I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for investing your time in reading this article. My utmost hope is that it has proven not just informative but also instrumental in triggering a positive shift in your mindset.

In these times of global uncertainty, it’s crucial to safeguard yourself from the clutches of depression. Infuse your mornings with vibrancy and purpose, ensuring that you meticulously assemble all the essential components.

I stand firmly in your corner, cheering you on as you embark on this journey of self-improvement. With the grace of God, remember that challenges are temporary and will eventually dissipate.

As you navigate your path, I send waves of love and illumination to everyone who has engaged with these words. Together, let us embrace the potential for growth and resilience.